Which Social Media Platforms Have The Best ROI?

Social media with highest ROI

Marketers all over the world utilize the power of social media for business. The growing number of social media users on a daily basis goes on to tell just how efficient marketing on social platforms is. There is no doubt that a creative social media campaign will help your business immensely, but you must check its ROI to measure how useful your SMM efforts are. 

ROI or Return On Investment is an important metric to track your social media marketing endeavours.

ROI tells you when an SMM campaign is working and which strategies you should drop.

The only efficient way to measure the ROI of social media platforms depends on the goals you set for your business. Moreover, even the platforms to be selected for such campaigns depend on your goals. For instance, if you aim to increase brand awareness, you need to come up with FB campaigns and measure the ROI of your Facebook campaign. Similarly, if your goal is to engage customers, then you need to create Instagram campaigns and measure the ROI of your Instagram campaign. In a nutshell, if you are wondering which platforms to target in order to get the best return on investment, you need to identify your business goals. 

Given below are some of the most popular social media platforms which have the best ROI with respect to the following goals. 


1. Facebook For Brand Awareness And Building Community

Facebook is among the largest social media networks in the world. Due to its massive reach, FB is the ideal choice of marketers whose number one goal is to increase brand awareness. A creative Facebook campaign will not only assist you with reaching your target customers but also help you stick your brand in their minds. Have a dedicated budget for FB advertisements and you are assured to see better results. In addition to giving an impressive ROI, Facebook ads cost less when compared to other popular platforms. Also, Facebook favours group posts. So you can post your content in groups that are already interested in your product/service. So all in all, you’re getting greater visibility at an affordable rate and simultaneously building a community. 


2. LinkedIn For Establishing Authority, Generating Leads, And Website Traffic

Home to millions of professionals and career-oriented people, LinkedIn is the best place to establish yourself as a knowledgeable brand. You can easily establish credibility and authority in the area of your expertise by posting informative and shareable content. This platform is also great for attracting website traffic, especially for B2B brands. You should focus on distributing quality content on LinkedIn at least once a week to see an increase in traffic.

Furthermore, LinkedIn also does wonders in generating leads. You can send personalized messages via Sponsored InMail to professionals, whether they are in your connection list or not. Basically, you have access to contacts of all important names in the business at your fingertips, and get to interact with them directly. You can also consider investing in Display and Dynamic Ads, which is very effective. However, since this is a niche social network, you need to check if you fit the bill before investing in LinkedIn campaigns. 


3. Instagram For Product Launches And Customer Engagement

Instagram enables you to connect to customers and influencers with ease. It brings in ten times more engagement than FB. Also, here, engagement is not limited to comments and likes. You can even interact with the help of Swipe up, questions, and polls. For greater results, consider roping in influencers and partnering with other brands to create Instagram Reels. Moreover, since its design makes it easier for users to digest content without having to concentrate much, it is excellent for product launches. 


4. Twitter For Talking With Existing Customers And Getting Shares/Clicks 

If customer service is your topmost priority, then Twitter is the place to be. It offers customers the ease of directly sharing their grievances with businesses without waiting on hold for hours. So with Twitter, you can respond quickly to your existing customers and instill trustworthiness in new ones. Since many potential customers are watching what your current audience is saying about you and how you deal with their issues, you need to know how to tackle and diffuse matters smartly. You can also watch out for your brand name mentions and respond to them to keep your existing customers happy. 


Further, Twitter is a remarkable network to garner clicks, that too at an affordable cost. Since it is also a great place to get plenty of shares, you need to create content that is designed to specifically grab your follower’s attention. This will, in turn, will grow your network and build your venture’s reputation. 

Now that you know which social media platforms have the best ROI based on your goals, make sure to trust your brand’s SMM in the right hands. For instance, Social SinQ. Social SinQ has experienced professionals who can handle your social marketing needs based on your goals. To start getting the best ROI from social media, contact +14244274207 or +44744 1416265 right away! 

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