5 Reasons Why Social Media Marketing Is So Effective

Social Media Marketing Attracts Billions Of Audience 

Today, one of the best ways to connect your business with the world is through social media marketing. No matter what your venture offers, having a strong online presence is an indicator of being credible to new audiences. According to Global Social Media Stats, 70% of the world’s population with access to the internet is on social media. Thereby making it an ocean full of opportunities for your business. But why exactly is social media marketing so powerful? Read on to find out. 


Why should your brand invest in social media marketing?

For the novice, social media marketing is the usage of social media platforms to build awareness about your brand, increase traffic, and redirect to your website. This, in turn, leads to high profit through sales. Some of the reasons why social media marketing is effective are:

1. It Contributes To A High Brand Recall Value

Effective marketing builds brand awareness and increases your consumer’s ability to remember your name. Since social media marketing allows you to be creative with advertisements, you can boost your brand recall value. Also, this is irrespective of whether the audience opts for your products and services or not! 

Furthermore, having an active social media profile across several online platforms helps you connect with the audience and vice versa. The large-scale impact that it leaves is easily the best feature of social media marketing. 

2. It Improves SEO And Boosts Ranking

Search Engine Optimisation improves when your social media marketing game is on fleek! This marketing garners enough attention when the organic traffic gets boosted. It directly pulls people, leading to a high ranking on the search engine results page.

3. It Targets Specific Audience Down The Funnel

Traditional marketing hardly gives you an option to choose the audience for your ad. You also don’t have any method to measure how many people saw your ad and the conversion rate. In contrast, social media marketing is the most effective to determine a target audience. Here, you can use the platforms to target a specific audience based on the data you gather. These parameters include age group, geographical locations, gender etc. Additionally, you get all the required information on who saw your ad and how many converted. This again helps you focus your marketing campaign on specific groups. 

4. It Attracts Billions Of Audience 

There is no restriction with demographics when using social media marketing. Anyone from any part of the world can view your content. Your products and services will thus reap a wider reach. Even the data gathered reflects the people from different parts of the world interacting, checking your content, and taking favourable steps. This will eventually help you strengthen and improve your marketing effort. 

5. It Offers An Affordable Alternative To Marketing

Social media marketing is highly cost-efficient and brings your business quick results. It requires zero to minimal investment, thereby reducing your cost whilst leaving a lasting impression on your audience. Your products/services can hence reach your preferred audience without spending a fortune. 


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